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Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! While any time is a good time to give a cute kitty a loving home, this is a purrfect time to adopt a new feline. While we think all cats deserve loving homes, great care, and warm laps, shelter cats are particularly desperate. Many of these adorable furballs … Read moreAdopt a Shelter Cat Month

5 Simple Ways To Monitor Fluffy’s Health

Cats have a reputation for being quite independent. After all, Fluffy is a fierce predator in the wild! However, just like any other animal, kitties can be vulnerable to illness and disease. Unfortunately, our feline pals tend to be rather secretive when they don’t feel well, and often try to mask signs of illness. That’s … Read more5 Simple Ways To Monitor Fluffy’s Health

Bonding With Your New Cat

Have you recently adopted a new kitty? Good for you! The next few weeks are a crucial time, as it’s very important for you and Fluffy to get started out on the right paw. Here, a Lakeville, MN vet offers tips on bonding with your feline buddy. Settling In Change can be pretty stressful for … Read moreBonding With Your New Cat

How to Be a Great Cat Owner

There are many reasons to love our feline pals. One definite benefit to choosing a kitty for a pet is that Fluffy is fairly independent. She won’t need to be walked, trained, or bathed. However, keeping your furry buddy happy does entail more than simply dumping food into her bowl and changing her litter. Here, … Read moreHow to Be a Great Cat Owner

Car Rides With Kitties

Did you know that August 22nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day? We know, coming to see us isn’t one of Fluffy’s favorite things to do. One reason for this is that most of our feline patients absolutely hate going for car rides. We are here to help! Read on as a Lakeville, … Read moreCar Rides With Kitties

How to Be a Great Cat Owner

Do you have a kitty? Our feline friends are very popular pets, and with good reason. Fluffy is not only super cute and charismatic, she’s also quite easy to care for. However, although these adorable little furballs are fairly low-maintenance pets, they do still need proper care to thrive. Read on as a local Lakeville, … Read moreHow to Be a Great Cat Owner

How to Help Your Cat Beat the Heat

Summer is coming, and so is the hot weather. Although Minnesota isn’t as hot as other states, we do get our share of heat waves, like the one that buckled Highway 36 in 2016. These temperature spikes can be very dangerous to kitties! Here, a local Lakeville, MN vet offers tips on keeping Fluffy cool … Read moreHow to Help Your Cat Beat the Heat

Taking Your Cat to the Vet

Is your feline pal due for a trip to the vet? Chances are, Fluffy won’t exactly be thrilled about coming to see us. Many of feline patients would much rather be napping than visit our office. We don’t take this personally: we know that neither car rides nor strange places are among Fluffy’s favorite things. … Read moreTaking Your Cat to the Vet

Cats and Christmas Trees

The holidays are officially here! At this time of year, many of us are busy with seasonal activities, like cooking; buying and wrapping gifts; and, of course, putting up decorations. When it comes to putting up Christmas trees, people that are owned by cats often find themselves faced with a bit of a dilemma. Keeping … Read moreCats and Christmas Trees

Car Rides With Fluffy

Did you know that August 22nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day? While Fluffy may prefer to spend her time napping or just looking cute, proper veterinary care is crucial to your kitty’s health and well-being. Of course, we all know that car rides aren’t one of Fluffy’s favorite things. Below, a Lakeville, … Read moreCar Rides With Fluffy