Pet Dental Exam Burnsville

Dental Care

Is your four-legged friend’s smile as healthy as it could be?

Your pet’s dental health is a critical component of his or her overall well-being. Without adequate care, plaque and tartar buildup can lead to bacteria, which can spread infection throughout his or her entire body. Fortunately, you can help your loved one beat the odds and enjoy a clean, healthy smile for years to come. It begins with a commitment to ongoing dental care, both professional and at home. Burnsville Parkway Animal Hospital offers preventative dental care as well as the treatment of existing oral health problems.

Believe it or not, oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed infectious disease in pets. In fact, most companion animals over the age of 2 already have some form of dental disease.

Pet Dental Exam In Burnsville

Our clinic is fully equipped for routine and advanced dental procedures. Whether it’s an annual checkup, minor oral surgery or something in between, we’ve got you covered! Protecting your pet’s smile will be our biggest priority.

Preventative Dental Care

We’ll start by examining your pet’s mouth, checking for gingivitis, calculus buildup, pocket depth, fractured or missing teeth, or any other abnormalities. Next, we’ll use an ultrasonic scaler to remove buildup and a polisher to smooth microscopic grooves, which helps to prevent further plaque build-up. Finally, we’ll use a chlorhexidine rinse and apply a fluoride treatment at the end of the dental procedure.

Advanced Care

Try as we might, we aren’t always able to prevent all dental problems from occurring. The key is identifying and treating any potential issues as early as possible. To help us adequately assess your companion’s ongoing dental health, we use digital x-ray technology. This allows us to look for problems below the gum line, such as tooth root abscesses, fractured roots and bone loss. If your pet has severe dental disease, extractions or surgery may be necessary.

All pets undergoing dental care will be placed under general anesthesia. This is done using the safest, most effective products available. Your pet will be closely monitored using up-to-date equipment to ensure his or her comfort and wellbeing throughout the procedure.

Pet Dental Care In Burnsville, MN

We offer a 10% discount if your pet’s dental work is completed in February, August, or within 2 weeks of his or her annual wellness exam. To Make An Appointment for a pet dental exam or cleaning, call us at (952) 894-2870.