Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! While any time is a good time to give a cute kitty a loving home, this is a purrfect time to adopt a new feline. While we think all cats deserve loving homes, great care, and warm laps, shelter cats are particularly desperate. Many of these adorable furballs only have a short time to get adopted! A local Lakeville, MN vet discusses adopting a shelter cat in this article.

Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Cat

There are some pretty ‘pawesome’ advantages to getting your new pet from a shelter. For one thing, you’ll know that you gave that one lucky kitty a second chance. This is a wonderful feeling, and a great way to find your furry buddy. Adopting from a shelter is also pretty easy on your wallet. Plus, you may also save some money on veterinary care, as Fluffy will most likely already have been fixed. Finally, this is a great way to promote good animal welfare. You’ll be freeing up some much-needed space, and helping the shelter care for their other pets.

Tips For Adoption

It isn’t always easy choosing your next pet, especially when every kitty you look at seems adorable. Spend some time with Fluffy before deciding. You’ll also want to consider her purrsonality, and make sure that she is a good fit for your home. For example, a timid cat may not be happy in a house with dogs and a lot of commotion, while a friendly cat may get lonely left at home a lot.

Getting The Purr Started

Kitties may pretend that they’re fearless, but they are actually very loving and cuddly. Going to a new home is a big deal for cats! Set up a comfy spot for Fluffy, with toys, bedding, kitty furniture, food, and, of course, a litterbox. Give your feline buddy a few days to settle in, and then let her decide when she is ready to explore the rest of her new kingdom. Don’t force attention on your furry pal: that’s a huge no-no! Instead, call your kitty to you, and reward her with toys, treats, and ear scritches. It probably won’t take your new furry pal very long to start her engine.

Please reach out to us, your Lakeville, MN vet clinic, with all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!