Taking Your Cat to the Vet

Is your feline pal due for a trip to the vet? Chances are, Fluffy won’t exactly be thrilled about coming to see us. Many of feline patients would much rather be napping than visit our office. We don’t take this personally: we know that neither car rides nor strange places are among Fluffy’s favorite things. It’s definitely in your furball’s best interests to visit us regularly, but we understand that many kitties just don’t see it that way. A Lakeville, MN discusses taking your cat to the vet in this article.

The Carrier

If your cat only sees the carrier before she visits the vet, there’s a good chance that she’ll be on alert as soon as she spots it. Keep the carrier out between appointments. Adding soft bedding and toys to it may make Fluffy think of her carrier as a cozy napping spot. You can also pet or play with your feline pal near her carrier to help her form a more positive association with it. This will help your four-legged buddy get used to seeing her carrier, so she won’t immediately get uneasy when you bring it out.

The Car Ride

Car rides are definitely not on Fluffy’s list of favorite things. While there are cats that don’t mind going for drives, most kitties would much rather be napping. When taking Fluffy to the vet, keep a window cracked, so she gets fresh airflow. Turning a radio on can also help soothe your furball. It isn’t unusual for cats to shed heavily when they are nervous, so you may want to grab a lint roller, and wear something that won’t attract fur. As far as the drive itself, try to avoid making sudden starts and stops, and choose a route that isn’t very bumpy. Ask your vet about tips on using cat-calming products, such as sprays.

Bringing Kitty Home

Fluffy may sing on the way home, but chances are, she’ll calm down quickly once she is back inside her palace. Make sure to give your pet fresh water right away. Your kitty will probably settle in for a nap, and will soon be acting like her normal, adorable self. To brighten up your furball’s day, give her a new toy or a special treat.

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