Car Rides With Fluffy

Did you know that August 22nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day? While Fluffy may prefer to spend her time napping or just looking cute, proper veterinary care is crucial to your kitty’s health and well-being. Of course, we all know that car rides aren’t one of Fluffy’s favorite things. Below, a Lakeville, MN veterinarian offers tips on bringing your furball to the vet.

Getting Kitty Ready

You may not want to feed Fluffy just before taking her on a car ride: kitties can get carsick too! Another thing that may help is to spend a few minutes playing with your feline friend. This will burn off some of her energy, so she’ll be tired—and calmer—by the time you’re ready to leave.

Kitty Calming Products

You can find kitty-calming products, such as sprays and collars, in pet stores and some grocery stores. These products mimic ‘happy’ pheromones, helping Fluffy stay calmer. Just be sure to follow the package instructions carefully. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Car Ride

Car rides can be very scary for kitties! Fluffy doesn’t understand mechanics, and may be frightened by the movement, as well as the sound of the engine and unexpected stops and starts. Try to choose a route that doesn’t have speed bumps and/or potholes. Talk to your cat as you put her in the car, and make sure the vehicle stays at a comfortable temperature.

Calming Carrier Fears

You should always keep your cat in her carrier for travel. However, if Fluffy only sees the carrier when it’s time to go on a car ride, she may bolt for her favorite hiding spot as soon as she spots it. Keep the carrier out, and make it comfy and cozy by adding a bed and some toys. You can also play with your feline pal near her carrier, and give her treats beside it, to help her see it as a safe place.


Fluffy may spend the majority of the trip meowing loudly. Turn the radio on, and play some soothing music for your kitty to sing along to.

Home Sweet Home

Once you get Fluffy back home, give her some extra cuddle time. A special treat or a new toy will also get that little motor started again.

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