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Holiday Gifts for Fido

With the holidays approaching, many of us are busy with seasonal preparations like cooking, shopping, and decorating. Don’t forget to get your canine buddy a special gift! Fido’s an important part of the family. Below, a Lakeville, MN vet suggests some holiday gifts for dogs. Toys Fido is super cute when he’s playing with a…

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Winter Care for Dogs

Love it or hate it, winter’s official start date is just a few weeks off. Our canine friends often enjoy romping around in the snow. However, your furry buddy may need some extra care in cold weather. Here, a Lakeville, MN vet discusses caring for Fido in winter. Paw Care Snow, salt, ice, sand, and…

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5 Great Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Your dog is more than just a pet: he’s a big part of your life and household, and helps make your house a home. Our canine companions are always there for us, brightening our days with their joyful exuberance, funny antics, and adorable mannerisms. It’s no surprise that so many people include their four-legged pals…

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