Holiday Gifts for Fido

With the holidays approaching, many of us are busy with seasonal preparations like cooking, shopping, and decorating. Don’t forget to get your canine buddy a special gift! Fido’s an important part of the family. Below, a Lakeville, MN vet suggests some holiday gifts for dogs.


Fido is super cute when he’s playing with a new toy! Puzzle toys, rope toys, chew toys, and treat-dispensing toys are all fine. You can also pamper your furry friend by getting him an automated ball launcher or a mechanical laser pointer. If you’re working with a tight budget, go the DIY route and make your pet’s gifts. You’ll find some great options online!


We all know what’s at the top of Fido’s wish list: treats! Get your pet’s tail wagging by filling his stocking with his favorite store-bought treats. Or, if you like cooking, you can even make your pooch some homemade doggy biscuits. Look online for recipes that use dog-safe foods, such as sodium-free broth, peanut butter, eggs, meat, cheese, and/or pureed pumpkin. These also make great gifts for Fido’s buddies!


A new bed is a great doggy gift! Senior dogs and large breeds may prefer orthopedic beds, while smaller pups might like beds with raised sides.

Doggy Clothes

Some dogs get quite chilly in frigid weather. If your pup has thin fur, he may really benefit from a doggy jacket or sweater. Opt for a breathable material that is machine-washable, and doesn’t have zippers, buttons, or other small parts.


If you have a yard for Fido to chase squirrels around in, why not get him a doghouse? Choose a well-insulated one that is just the right size for your pooch. Pick something with the door off to one side, as this design is better at blocking wind.

Elevated Dishes

Did you know that raised dishes are more comfortable for Fido to eat from than bowls on the floor? Give your pet’s dinnerware a ‘pupgrade’ and get him some elevated doggy dishes.

Belly Rubs

We know, belly rubs really don’t qualify as presents: you can’t wrap them, or put them in stockings. But remember to spend time with Fido, even during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. After all, dogs are truly precious gifts!

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