5 Great Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Your dog is more than just a pet: he’s a big part of your life and household, and helps make your house a home. Our canine companions are always there for us, brightening our days with their joyful exuberance, funny antics, and adorable mannerisms. It’s no surprise that so many people include their four-legged pals in their annual gift-giving traditions. Toys and treats always make great presents for Fido, but there are several other ways to get that furry tail going. Read on for some great doggy gift ideas from a Lakeville, MN veterinarian.

Doggy Bed

The holidays are a great time to upgrade your furry pal’s bedding. Check Fido’s bed to see if it’s become thin or worn. Even if it hasn’t, you can get your pooch a second bed to put in another room. Large dogs and senior pooches may enjoy the comfort of an orthopedic bed, while pups with thin coats may love snuggling into a heated bed.


Could Fido use a new dinnerware set? If your dog is aging, consider getting him elevated dishes, which would be more comfortable for him to eat from. Or, get your four-legged buddy an automated watering dish, which will help keep his water bowl full.

Homemade Treats

Do you enjoy baking? Why not make some special holiday treats for Fido and his canine pals? There are dozens of recipe options online. Choose ones that use safe and healthy ingredients, like peanut butter, sodium-free broth, and wheat germ oil. Customize your furry friend’s cookies with yummy bits of bacon, meat, cheese, or egg. You can also add cooked, safe veggies, such as sweet potatoes or carrots.

Doggy Clothes

Does your pup have a thin coat? Consider getting your furry buddy a sweater to keep him warm on cold days. Just be sure to avoid clothes that are too tight or constricting, as well as anything with small items, like buttons, that Fido could possibly choke on.

Good Health

A healthy dog is a happy dog! If Fido is overdue for parasite control or veterinary care, work these things into your holiday schedule and get your pooch up-to-date.

Happy Holidays! All of us here at your Lakeville, MN animal clinic want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care.