Nutrition & Weight Management

How much thought have you put into your pet’s diet and exercise levels?

Good nutrition is important, whether it’s starting your puppy or kitten off on the right paw or supporting your senior pet’s needs. Likewise, a healthy weight can lengthen and improve the quality of your companion’s life. It all starts with a solid foundation, and the team at Burnsville Parkway Animal Hospital can help get you there.


An assessment of your pet’s nutritional needs will tell us precisely what we need to know to develop the right diet. We’ll start by conducting a physical exam, measuring your pet’s weight and identifying his or her breed, age and current health. This will help us to understand what type of food, as well as how much and how often, you should be feeding your pet. For your convenience, our clinic carries a selection of Royal Canin and Science Diet prescription food and other dietary supplies. We also carry nutritional supplements if needed.

Weight Management

Weight is also an important part of your pet’s overall condition. While pudgy pets may look adorable, those extra pounds could be causing more harm than you realize. In fact, animals who are even just a few pounds too heavy are more likely to develop serious health problems over time. Similarly, pets who don’t weigh as much as they should can also be at a greater risk of medical issues. We will figure out what weight would be best for your pet and then develop a strategy to achieve and maintain that goal weight.

Ongoing Maintenance

Once we’ve got a plan in place for your pet, we will need to revisit and modify our approach from time to time. That’s because as pets age, their health care needs change, including their nutrition and weight control needs. When we feel your pet has reached one of these milestones, we will recommend the appropriate changes. This will help to keep your loved one healthy, happy and fit for life.

Pet Nutrition Services In Burnsville, MN

Could you use some guidance in the area of pet nutrition? Give us a call today! We can develop the perfect formula of diet and exercise that will place your pet on the path to optimum health.

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