Animal Diagnostic Exam Burnsville


Could your pet be suffering from an undiagnosed illness or injury?

If our pets could speak, managing their health would be much easier. That way, whenever they weren’t feeling well, they could simply explain what was bothering them and receive the appropriate care. Unfortunately, since animals cannot communicate this way, we must use other methods to identify health concerns in a timely manner.

Veterinary diagnostics provide our experienced doctors with the opportunity to learn what’s happening inside your pet’s body. From there, we can accurately diagnose medical problems so we can treat them quickly and effectively.

Patients of Burnsville Parkway Animal Hospital enjoy access to a broad range of routine and advanced diagnostic services. Our hospital features a convenient in-house laboratory, which allows us to get fast and accurate results to a variety of diagnostic tests. The faster the diagnosis, the quicker treatment can begin, which in turn will get your pet back to feeling healthy again as soon as possible.

animal diagnostic testing Burnsville


Some injuries and ailments require more in-depth diagnostic work. For these situations, we offer on-site digital radiology (x-ray). This advanced imaging technique allows us to diagnose and assess internal problems, such as broken bones and tumors. As an added bonus, because we use digital x-ray, the process is much safer for your pet. Images can be evaluated immediately and shared electronically should the opinion of a specialist be warranted.

Animal Dianostic Exam In Burnsville, MN

Has your four-legged friend been acting unusual lately and you’re worried a sickness or injury may be to blame? Don’t take chances. Call us right away. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue so we can focus on helping your pet return to full health once again.

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