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4 Things You Can Make For Your Cat

Our feline pals make wonderful pets. They’re cute, cuddly, clean, and, of course, absolutely hilarious. Fluffy is also pretty easy to care for. However, your furball will need some things of her own, such as beds and furniture. These things don’t have to cost much. In fact, you can make quite a few of your…

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Bonding With Your New Cat

Have you recently adopted a new kitty? Good for you! The next few weeks are a crucial time, as it’s very important for you and Fluffy to get started out on the right paw. Here, a Lakeville, MN vet offers tips on bonding with your feline buddy. Settling In Change can be pretty stressful for…

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National Cat Health Month

February is National Cat Health Month! Of course, for us, cat health is important all year. However, this is a great time to go over Fluffy’s care needs, and talk about what it takes to keep your feline pal healthy. A local Lakeville, MN vet discusses cat health below. Basics First things first. Cats are…

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