cat biting

How to Speak Cat

Kitties are fairly purrplexing little furballs. Fluffy may bite to show affection, and then ignore you when you want to cuddle. She’ll also turn her nose up at an expensive piece of cat furniture, and sleep on a pizza box instead. While we may never entirely understand all of our feline pals’ adorable quirks, we…

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6 Signs That Your Kitty Loves You

Does your cat sometimes jump into your lap when she wants to cuddle? One of Fluffy’s cutest and most charming attributes is the fact that she is so affectionate. We all know that kitties often purr when they are content. However, our feline friends have several other ways of showing their love, and some of…

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Your Cat’s Aggression Can Disrupt Your Home

Your big tabby cat Harley has become an ambush artist. Although your six-year-old feline has always been a bit sneaky, he has recently begun lurking behind the furniture, lying in wait for an unlucky victim. Then, he pounces with lightning speed, leaving angry red scratches on their ankles and legs. He also regularly attacks your…

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