6 Signs That Your Kitty Loves You

Does your cat sometimes jump into your lap when she wants to cuddle? One of Fluffy’s cutest and most charming attributes is the fact that she is so affectionate. We all know that kitties often purr when they are content. However, our feline friends have several other ways of showing their love, and some of them are pretty adorable! A Lakeville, MN vet lists some signs of kitty affection in this article.


Kitties like to keep a very close eye on their humans. Fluffy may follow you around from room to room, and may even try to accompany you to the bathroom. (This one also goes on the list of cat behaviors that would usually be completely inappropriate for humans.)


Cats don’t necessarily follow the normal rules of animal behavior. Most of the time, when animals bite, it’s definitely not a sign of affection. However, Fluffy does sometimes give her humans buddies little love nips. How do you tell the difference between an affectionate or playful bite and true aggression? If your pet is angry, she’ll probably flatten her ears, lash her tail, and/or hiss or growl.

Head Boops

Does your furball sometimes bonk you with her forehead? This is rather like a feline version of a back pat or quick hug. Fluffy may follow up by rubbing her face all over you.

Tummy Flash

Does your cat sometimes lie on her back near you, exposing that furry tummy? This is a true sign of kitty trust! That soft belly is your pet’s most vulnerable area, and she’ll only expose it when she feels safe. (It’s worth noting that, while some cats like belly rubs, this should not necessarily be taken as an invitation to rub Fluffy’s stomach.)

Dead Mice

Years ago, we prized cats’ hunting abilities. Kitties helped keep vermin from infesting our grain, which earned them dinner, warm beds, and, of course, a special spot on our laps. Nowadays, most of us are not quite as thrilled with their offerings of dead rodents. Fluffy, however, hasn’t realized that yet.

Sleep Cuddles

Many of our feline pals love to snuggle up with their humans at night. This one is definitely a win/win: after all, a purring cat is a great sleep aid!

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