animal welfare

Adopting a Shelter Dog

Did you know that October is officially Adopt A Shelter Dog Month? If you are thinking of bringing a new furry buddy into your home, please consider adopting your new pet from a shelter. There are far too many sweet, lovable pooches in shelters, just hoping someone will rescue them and offer them a great…

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5 Great Ways to Help Animals in Need

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance that, like us, you’re an animal lover, and wish you could help every homeless and/or neglected pet. While you may not be able to help all of our furry friends, there are some very simple things you can do that can help promote animal welfare. A…

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How You Can Help Animals in Need

Animals are truly wonderful friends and companions, who enrich and fulfill our lives in many ways. Our furry friends make us smile with their adorable antics and soothe us with their cuddles and affection. They also provide unconditional love and support through both good times and bad. If you’re an animal lover, like us, you…

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