cat communication

How to Speak Cat

Kitties are fairly purrplexing little furballs. Fluffy may bite to show affection, and then ignore you when you want to cuddle. She’ll also turn her nose up at an expensive piece of cat furniture, and sleep on a pizza box instead. While we may never entirely understand all of our feline pals’ adorable quirks, we…

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Caring for a Deaf Cat

Deaf Pet Awareness Week starts September 23rd. While most cats can hear very well—much better than we can, in fact—kitties can lose their hearing due to age, injury, or infections, as well as from other causes. Fluffy can still lead a happy, healthy life if she can’t hear, but she will need some extra TLC….

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The Cat’s Meow

Does your feline friend talk to you? Cats have many adorable qualities, but those cute little meows are definitely one of Fluffy’s most charming attributes! Read on as a Lakeville, MN veterinarian discusses the cat’s meow. History of the Meow Did you know that cats may have started meowing specifically to manipulate us? Adult cats…

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