Client Service

Shelley always wanted to work in an animal clinic, both because she loves animals and because she wanted to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes! In 2007, her dream came true when she was hired on at Burnsville Parkway Animal Hospital.

Shelley grew up on a farm in North Dakota with her parents and brother. A friend referred her here to the clinic, and she started in the fall of 2007 as a receptionist. Shelley loves being the first and last person a client sees and helping them to feel comfortable and welcomed. She also enjoys helping the staff when they need an extra hand—assisting with X-rays, holding a pet for blood draws, or helping out with dental charting is a lot of fun for her!

Shelley and her husband Jeff own three cats: Bengal, a Siamese mix; Gizmo, an attention-hogging Manx; and Little Man, a young domestic shorthair who bobs his head when Shelley talks to him.

When she has free time, Shelley enjoys reading books on her kindle, spending time with her husband, and visiting her dad’s farm in North Dakota.