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COVID-19 Update

We know your pet is an important member of your family and their health is a priority. At Burnsville Parkway Animal Hospital, we understand the concern and questions many of our clients have regarding their pets and how the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) could potentially impact them. We felt it was important to connect with you, our … Read moreCOVID-19 Update

Heartworm Awareness Month

April is Heartworm Awareness Month! It’s also Jazz Appreciation Month and National Grilled Cheese Month. However, while those are undoubtedly much more pleasant topics, heartworms are a bit more in our wheelhouse. Keeping your beloved pet safe from these deadly parasites is very important! A local Lakeville, MN vet discusses heartworms in this article. Basics … Read moreHeartworm Awareness Month

Motion Sickness Can Affect Your Dog, Too

Your one-year-old retriever mix Roscoe lives his life at top speed. This energetic canine housemate literally trots through his neighborhood walks, and he races around the dog park like he’s pursuing a cheetah. He also thrives on car rides, bounding across the seat to enjoy the changing landscape. Lately, though, your normally enthusiastic pooch has … Read moreMotion Sickness Can Affect Your Dog, Too

Obesity in Dogs

Did you know that canine obesity is one of the most common health problems in dogs? Studies show that over 50 percent of dogs are obese! Man’s Best Friend may look cute with that extra weight, but those additional pounds can be very dangerous for your canine pal. Below, your local Burnsville vet discusses canine … Read moreObesity in Dogs

Signs of Sickness in Cats

Part of being a responsible pet owner is monitoring your furbaby for any signs of illness or injury. With our feline friends, this can be a bit tricky at times. When Kitty lived in the wild, she learned to mask any signs of illness or weakness, so as not to attract the attention of predators. … Read moreSigns of Sickness in Cats