Dog Training: Moving Beyond The Basics

January is National Train Your Dog Month! Dogs are very smart. Some pooches can learn as many as 100 words and commands. Of course, all dogs should know basics like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. This is important for petiquette, but it’s also crucial for safety reasons. However, there’s no reason to stop there! Here, a Lakeville, MN vet discusses Fido’s continued education.


Before showing Fido cute tricks, make sure he has simple obedience commands mastered. If not, work on these first.

Advanced Training

Once Fido has completed his basic petucation, consider moving on to some advanced training. The Leave It and Drop It commands can be very useful. After all, you don’t want your dog eating that chicken wing someone left on the ground at the park!

Useful Tricks

Why not teach Fido something useful? You may be able to show him to turn lights on and off, put his toys away, or bring you slippers, your remote, or a cold drink. These tricks are built on a foundation of simpler tricks. For example, to teach your furry pal to bring you specific objects, you’ll first want to teach him to Fetch.

Cute Tricks

Not all of Fido’s learning has to be practical. Have some fun with your pet, and show him some silly tricks. Classic doggy tricks, like Shake Paw, Roll Over, and Sing, will always be adorable. You can also teach your pup to Hide Your Eyes, Be A Shark, Smile, or Play Dead.

Benefits of Continued Education

Teaching dogs tricks can be really fun, not to mention adorable. However, it can also be beneficial. Many pups enjoy learning things, and seem to get a sense of self-accomplishment when they master something. Man’s Best Friend also likes to please his humans. Fido gets an adorable happy look when he’s being praised and told he’s a good boy! This is also a great way to spend time with your dog. Plus, it will strengthen the bond between you, by making it easier for you to communicate.


When training your canine buddy, work on one thing at a time. Keep lessons short and sweet, and offer lots of treats and praise. This will keep your adorable student engaged and happy.

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