Has Your Dog’s Hearty Appetite Disappeared?

Your retriever mix Lance gobbles his food like those dogs in the television commercials. He attacks his kibbles like he hasn’t eaten for weeks, inhaling his meal in mere minutes. Since he’s frequently still hungry, he snatches a few bites from the cat’s bowl. Recently, though, your furry chowhound has just been playing with his crunchies, hardly making a dent in his generous serving. You’re concerned that he’s lacking in nutrition; and you wonder if he’s developing a medical problem. Tomorrow, your Burnsville veterinarian will examine your dog and provide expert nutritional counseling.

Undiscovered Dental Condition

If your unfortunate pooch has contracted a painful dental ailment, he’s afraid eating will make his discomfort worse. You might see visibly damaged teeth, foreign objects, or facial or mouth sores. Don’t attempt to open his mouth, as he won’t cooperate and might become quite annoyed. Take a safer approach: whisk your dog to the vet, who can identify and treat his dental problem. Once your canine companion feels better, he’ll likely regain his appetite.

Unappealing Food

You’ve always provided Lance with the best diet available. However, your schedule has recently become off-the-charts crazy, and you might have missed the food’s expiration date. Worse yet, the bag’s contents might have become spoiled. Your quality-conscious dog has no intention of consuming those substandard kibbles.

Too Many Treats

Lance is constantly on the lookout for tasty treats. He’s not picky, as he’ll shamelessly hound familiar family members, and then accost strangers who look like easy marks. During mealtimes, he circles the table, always alert for accidental fallout and under-the-table handouts. He’s quite successful, generally reeling in several extra snacks daily. Unfortunately, this massive influx of surplus calories has led to undesirable weight gain. Since he won’t voluntarily stop these unacceptable antics, you must take the lead in changing his behavior.

Kibbles Enhancement

Maybe your dog just needs some more interesting food. Sprinkle warm water over his kibbles, as that should give his meal a more appealing smell and taste. If the vet gives the green light, mix in some fragrant warmed canned contents. Make sure Lance won’t burn his delicate mouth.

After Lance finally resumes eating, allow him to consume his meals in peace. Heap on the praise when he’s finished. If your dog isn’t interested in his food, contact your Burnsville veterinarian for expert assistance.