Getting Your Dog Ready for Winter

Autumn is officially upon us! The leaves are changing, and the stores are filling with pumpkin-flavored everything. If you have a canine buddy, this is a great time to enjoy some long, relaxing strolls with your furry best friend, and take in the foliage and beautiful weather. However, Fido will need a bit of extra TLC as the weather cools. Here, a Lakeville, MN vet discusses preparing your pet for winter.


Did you know that brushing your dog regularly can help keep him warmer? Dead fur and dander actually decrease the insulating properties of your pet’s coat. Keep up with your pup’s grooming needs. To sweeten the deal for Fido, offer him a yummy snack after his beauty session. If your pooch has thin fur, he may need a doggy sweater to keep him warm on cold days. Just make sure your canine friend’s clothes fit well, and are not itchy, hot, tight, or constricting.


If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, he’ll burn extra calories in winter, just staying warm. You may need to increase Fido’s portion sizes when it gets cold. Nursing mamas, working dogs, and puppies may also need bigger servings. If your furry buddy is a senior, or has medical issues, he may benefit from certain supplements, such as fish oil, which will help keep his bones and joints lubricated. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Paw Care

When you stock up on de-icing products, always choose pet-friendly ones. Salt, sand, and chemicals can all hurt your pup’s furry feet! If your dog won’t go for wearing booties, pick up some paw wax as well. Keeping Fido’s nails and toe fur trimmed is also important.


Make sure Fido has a comfy bed to snuggle up in on cold nights. Large breeds and senior dogs may appreciate orthopedic beds.


We strongly recommend that dogs live inside. Man’s Best Friend is both healthier and happier living indoors with his human pals! However, if Fido has a doghouse, this is the time to give it a good cleaning. Make sure the doghouse is well-insulated, with the opening facing away from prevailing winds. It should also be raised off the ground a bit, to keep rain and snow out.

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