6 Ways To Prevent Doggy Boredom

Dogs are very smart, and often get quite restless when they have nothing to do. In fact, many things that are considered bad behavior, such as digging and chewing, are actually a result of boredom. Read on as a local Lakeville, MN vet offers some tips on keeping your pup entertained while you’re out.


Playing is Fido’s favorite way to entertain himself. Make sure your canine pal always has a variety of playthings. Puzzle toys are great, as they can keep frisky pups occupied for hours. Treat toys, such as Kong toys, will also keep that cute tail wagging. Rotate your dog’s playthings regularly to keep things fun and fresh for him.


If your cute pet has a lot of pent-up energy when you leave for work, he may spend a good chunk of the day making mischief. Before you leave, take your four-legged pal for a long walk, and tire him out with a game of Fetch or Tag. Hopefully, Fido will spend a chunk of the day napping peacefully!


Many of our canine companions really enjoy looking outdoors. If you can do so safely, give Fido a spot where he can look out the window and make nose art on the glass. Your furry buddy may spend hours just watching squirrels, cats, pedestrians, and other dogs go by!

Background Noise

We recommend leaving a TV or radio on for your four-legged pal. Many dogs really crave the sound of human voices, so the background noise can be very beneficial. Music helps as well.

Automated Toys

There are now all sorts of fun automated toys that can keep your pooch entertained. In fact, you can even play with your canine buddy remotely, using an app that incorporates a laser pointer and camera. This can be a fun way to check in with your furry pal at lunch!


Man’s Best Friend is a pack animal by nature, and often enjoys having other dogs around. A playmate may be a great way to keep Fido from feeling bored or lonely! Of course, this isn’t an across-the-board suggestion. You’ll need to consider your household and finances, as well as the age, health, and personality of both pooches. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Please reach out to us, your Lakeville, MN vet clinic, anytime. We are dedicated to offering great veterinary care!