5 Things to Do With Your Dog in 2019

Happy New Year! Today, many people are reflecting back on the last 12 months, and wondering what the new year will bring. This is also a popular time to set new personal goals. If you are making resolutions today, keep your canine buddy in mind. After all, Fido will stay loyally by your side in 2019! Read on as a Lakeville, MN vet list some things you can do with Fido this year.


Even if you have a yard for Fido to chase squirrels in, it’s important to take him for regular walks. The fresh air, exercise, and change of scenery are all great for your canine pal! Visit a new doggy park with your pet, or try a new hiking trail. This will be good for both of you!


Fido is super adorable when he is running after his favorite toy or jumping for a Frisbee. Playing will keep your pooch active, and help him burn off any excess energy he has. This is also a great way to spend some quality time with your dog!

Learn Something New

Did you know that many pups actually enjoy learning new things? This is a great way to help shy dogs gain confidence! If Fido doesn’t know basic doggy obedience commands, like Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down, take time to show him these important commands. If he has these down pat, teach him some cute tricks. Or, move on to advanced training.


If Man’s Best Friend had a list of golden rules to live by, we’re pretty sure that ‘Get plenty of sleep’ would be near the top. While Fido may not sleep as much as our feline pals do, he does on average spend about half of his time snoozing. Get your furry friend a comfy bed, and enjoy some down time with him. Dogs make great napping buddies!

Eat Something Delicious

Many popular resolutions are centered around diets and nutrition. Make sure your canine friend is eating a high-quality, premium dog food. While we don’t encourage begging, there’s nothing wrong with giving your furry pal some snacks. Just stick to healthy options, such as plain, cooked, boneless meat, fish, or chicken.

As your Lakeville, MN vet clinic, we look forward to serving all your veterinary care needs in 2019 and beyond. Please contact us anytime!