Your Kitten Will Thank You for Her Top-Notch Nutrition

Your brand-new kitten Lulu is quite a handful. You just adopted this feisty orange tabby from your town’s animal shelter. This adventurous seven-week-old feline quickly claimed her favorite sleeping spot and explored every corner of your house. Satisfied with her surroundings, she began racing madly through the rooms like she was possessed. She even found the courage to torment your much-larger dog. To provide energy for this lightning-fast lifestyle, and support her rapid weight gain, Lulu requires a specially formulated kitten food. Tomorrow, your Lakeville vet will give your active little housemate a new patient exam and recommend an optimum diet.

Super-Nutritious Kitten Kibbles

Some of Lulu’s nutritional needs match those of your three-year-old cat Susie. Both felines must receive similar portions of fats, along with some vitamins and fatty acids. However, your fast-growing kitten also requires extra protein and amino acids, along with completely different vitamins and minerals. Ideally, she’ll get 30 percent of her energy from quality proteins.

Your kitten-savvy vet will prescribe a delicious balanced blend that your growing girl will consume until she reaches maturity. Although your snack-happy kitten would be thrilled with a cat treat diet, limit these tidbits to 5 percent of each day’s calories.

Several Daily Meals, Please

Lulu and Susie won’t share the same feeding schedule. Your full-grown feline is quite pleased with two daily scheduled meals. She happily consumes her nutritionally balanced adult cat diet, which provides plenty of energy for chasing your dog and harassing her cat toys.

However, your super-active kitten requires additional daily nourishment. She never stops moving; and only allows infrequent breaks to eat, drink, pee, and poop. Occasionally, she takes a short nap to recharge her batteries for another round of activity. To maintain this crazy pace, your little cat must fill her tiny belly with three or four high-test meals each day.

Unlimited Fresh Water

Remember, your miniature motion machine must drink plenty of fresh, clean water every day. By keeping her bowl filled, you’ll help to prevent dehydration, which also contributes to other medical problems.

As Lulu matures into a healthy adult cat, your Lakeville vet will provide her with consistent physical checkups and address emerging medical conditions. She’ll tweak your feline housemate’s diet to satisfy her changing nutritional needs. To give your growing kitten the best possible nutrition, contact us for an appointment.