Your Cat’s Veterinary Care Needs

August 22nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day! We know, most of our feline patients would probably rather celebrate Hug Your Cat Day or Spoil Your Cat Day or, well, just your average Thursday. However, proper veterinary care is crucial to your beloved pet’s health! A local Lakeville, MN vet outlines your kitty’s veterinary care needs in this article.


When your feline friend is a baby, she’ll need to come in a few times. Little Fluffy will need her initial exams and vaccinations. Microchipping is also strongly recommended, as is spay/neuter surgery. Your tiny ball of fur will need to get started on parasite control as well. Purr checks are also important. We offer kittens lots of cuddles and love, to make sure their little motors work properly!

Adult Cats

Once your furry buddy is fully grown, she’ll need to come in once or twice a year for checkups and wellness care. Your pet’s exact appointment schedule will depend on her age, health, and lifestyle, so ask your vet for recommendations. At home, keep an eye out for signs of illness. Some common ones include hiding, poor grooming, changes in appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, litterbox woes, respiratory issues, fever, lethargy, and grumpiness. Call your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss. Cats often try to hide their illness, so Fluffy may be very sick by the time you notice anything is wrong!


When Fluffy reaches her golden years, she may need to come visit us a bit more often. Just like people, cats sometimes develop medical issues as they age. There are now many wonderful treatments and medications options that can help our furry friends. However, early diagnosis and treatment are very beneficial. Ask your vet for specific advice.

The Car Ride

Most cats aren’t very fond of car rides. There are some ways to make the journey easier for Fluffy. Put some soft bedding and a few toys in your feline pal’s carrier, to make it comfy. If it’s warm enough, keep a window cracked, so your furball always has fresh air. Try to avoid bumps and potholes, as well as sudden stops or starts. You may also want to play a radio for your kitty, and talk to her softly.

Is your cat due for an appointment? Please contact us, your local Lakeville, MN vet, anytime. We’re happy to help!