Take Your Cat to Work Day

Did you know that there’s a special kitty holiday coming up? June 22nd is Take Your Cat To Work Day! Of course, while bringing your pet to work may definitely make your day more pleasant, not all of our feline pals are cut out for the workplace. Read on as a Lakeville, MN vet discusses taking Fluffy to work.

Kitty Resumes

Kitties have actually held some very distinguished positions in the past. The bulk of Fluffy’s work experience is in the professional mouser industry. However, she’s also been employed as a cuddler, therapy cat, spy, actress, and even a mayor!

Fluffy’s Job Search

Not every workplace is safe or suitable for cats. If you work in a bookstore or boutique, your furball may fit right in. However, loud or busy environments aren’t really suitable for kitties. Fluffy likes her domain nice and quiet! Your pet’s purrsonality is also important. If your furball is very shy or anxious, she’ll probably be more comfortable at home.

Getting Your Cat Hired

Hopefully, it goes without saying that you should never take your pet to work without getting permission from your boss. You’ll also want to check with your co-workers, to make sure no one objects. (Note: if someone in your office is allergic to cats, Fluffy will probably gravitate to that person.) You’ll also need to make sure your kitty is microchipped, wearing ID tags, and current on her vaccines and parasite control products.

Fluffy’s Duties

Chances are, your furball will find plenty of things to do during the day. She can knock small objects off your boss’ desk, sleep on top of important reports, steal your coworker’s chairs, and eat the office plants. Your kitty may also bat at people’s shoelaces, jump from desk to desk, or leave hairballs in the lunchroom. This is all very hard work, so Fluffy will spend a good chunk of her day sleeping on the job.

Work At Home Kitties

As more and more people start to telecommute, lots of kitties are now ‘working’ with their human buddies. This is actually great for both people and pets. Fluffy’s calming presence and soothing purrs can take definitely the edge off a rough day. Plus, your cat will benefit by being able to spend more time with you!

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