Super-Simple Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

Kitties make wonderful pets. These charismatic little furballs are full of cute traits and endearing habits. While cats are quite easy to care for, great cat care goes beyond providing food, clean litter, and regular veterinary care. Read on as a local Lakeville, MN vet lists some easy ways to make your cat happy.

Napping Spots

If there’s one thing we can say for certain about cats, it’s that they really enjoy their beauty rest. Fluffy could spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping. Offer your drowsy furball lots of comfy spots to snooze in.


Birdwatching is one of Fluffy’s favorite activities. Give your kitty a comfy window seat in a spot with a good view, so she can sunbathe and spy on the neighborhood wildlife.


One wonderful thing about cats is that they are so independent. You can leave your kitty alone while you go to work, or even overnight. To make your feline pal’s alone time more comfortable, leave a TV or radio on for her. If you won’t be home before dark, we also recommend leaving a nightlight on.

Kitty Furniture

Cats don’t usually mind sleeping on our beds and sofas (or on top of us, for that matter), but your feline buddy will really enjoy having some furniture of her own. Get your furball a kitty tree, pet tower, or cat tent.


Take time to play with your cat every day. This will provide your kitty with beneficial physical activity, which will help keep her in good shape physically. Playing is also great for your furball’s brain: Fluffy has to really think to time those tricky pounces just right!


Even if Fluffy doesn’t understand what you’re saying when you talk to her, she’ll knows you’re paying attention to her. Talking to your kitty will encourage her to become more interactive, and will strengthen the bond of love between you.


Some of our feline friends are very affectionate! Fluffy may tap you with her paw or hop into your lap when she wants attention. If your pet is more aloof, she may be perfectly content with a quick pat on the head. Abide by your furball’s wishes when it comes to doling out cuddles.

Do you have questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care? Call us, your Lakeville, MN animal hospital, today!