Stop Your Cat’s Foul-Smelling Spraying Behavior

Your tabby cat Zeus wants to take over your house. For starters, your four-year-old feline housemate began tracking your family’s movements every day. Satisfied that the humans were under control, he turned to bullying your two other cats and dog into submission. Although his antics just seemed part of his bossy personality, you couldn’t overlook his efforts to physically mark his territory. For three days, Zeus has been spraying stinky male cat urine on your carpet, walls, and furniture. Working from a standing position, he effortlessly sends a horrible-smelling stream at the object of his choice. Since this obnoxious behavior cannot continue, your Lakeville vet will give your annoying cat a physical exam and expert behavior counseling.

Cat Hormones on the Loose

Believe it or not, Zeus doesn’t have much control over his behavior. He’s being ruled by male sex hormones, which instinctively tell him to mark and claim his territory. If your out-of-control cat hasn’t been neutered, make that appointment immediately. Afterward, his surging hormones and spraying antics should gradually ramp down. Since female cats also spray, make sure sweet little Athena has been spayed.

Horrible Cat Urine Smell

For three painful days, your laser-focused cat has methodically soaked your home’s interior with stinky cat urine. Twice, you came home to an overpowering smell, and turned the house upside down to find the source. Fortunately, a powerful enzymatic cleaner should largely eradicate the horrible odor. However, several applications might be necessary.

Now, enjoy some positive news. After you remove the urine stench from Zeus’ previously anointed surfaces, he’ll probably ignore them in the future. Ask your vet if sprinkling a feline pheromone on those items will convince your cat to switch to the face-rubbing method of marking territory.

Physical and Mental Challenges

To distract Zeus from his unsatisfactory past-time, give him several tasks that challenge his body and mind. Along with treat puzzles and engaging toys, a quickly flitting laser wand should hold your clever cat’s attention.

Although you’d like to punish your feline miscreant, some vigorous physical workouts might be a better choice. After all, if you really annoy him, he might direct a stream of cat urine at your pristine bedroom.

After your Lakeville vet resolves Zeus’ unsatisfactory behavior, prepare to take back your home. To address your cat’s indoor spraying obsession, contact us for expert advice.