Enhance Your Cat’s Health With a Life-Stage Diet

Your brand-new kitten Lacey has been purring up a storm. Earlier today, you adopted this seven-week-old calico from your town’s animal shelter. After bounding through the front door, she eagerly stuck her little nose into every nook and cranny. Next, she flopped on her soft, plush bed. Tomorrow, Lacey will visit your Lakeville, MN veterinarian for a complete physical exam. The vet will give your fast-growing feline a kitten-focused diet, designed to provide nourishment during this first life stage.

Supercharged Kitten Kibbles

You’ve never seen such a fast-moving kitten. Little Lacey streaks through the house like a tricolored blur. She occasionally stops to catch her breath and chase her miniature tail. Her small body is also growing very rapidly.

To fuel her high-speed activities and fast development, she needs a high-calorie kitten blend containing extra protein. If she consumed a substandard food, she might become sick or display below-average growth.

Expectant/Nursing Mother Nutrition

Within several months, your crazy little kitten will mature into a breeding-age female. You’ll immediately get her spayed so she can’t contribute to the pet overpopulation problem. However, you’ve planned to foster cats for an animal rescue group; and you’ll likely work with at least one pregnant female.

Because this expectant mother must nourish herself and her kittens, she needs a quality diet that helps generate sufficient milk. Good nutrition also means she’s less susceptible to certain medical conditions.

Senior Cat Nutrition

Although it’s hard to believe, hyperactive Lacey will someday become a sedentary senior citizen. During her golden years, she could develop mobility issues and/or be affected by a chronic medical problem. First, the vet will address her health issue. She might choose a specialty food that supports your elegant cat’s treatment plan.

Surprising Feline Obesity Source

Cats often pack on pounds from crunching too many kibbles for their inadequate exercise levels. They can also become chubby, even obese, from consuming an incorrect life-stage diet.

Assume middle-aged Lacey has abandoned her vigorous exercise program. Instead, she lounges on her custom bed and watches “Animal Planet” shows. If she still consumes her high-calorie kitten food, she’ll probably gain unhealthy weight.

Your Lakeville, MN veterinarian will provide Lacey with regular physical checkups throughout her life. She’ll revise your companion’s diet to match her evolving life-stage needs. To provide your cat with quality nutrition, contact us for expert advice.