Cat World Domination Day

There’s a pretty unique pet holiday around the corner. June 24th is Cat World Domination Day! Are these cute, cuddly little furballs plotting against us? Are they trying to take over the world? What would happen if they did? A Lakeville, MN vet offers some options on kitty world domination in this article.

The Evidence

If you think about it, there is some solid evidence that cats have been trying to take over the world for some time. After all, Fluffy did manage to convince the ancient Egyptians to treat her as a deity. Kitties do have a way of sprawling out on our computers, as well as on books that we are trying to read. They are also pretty good at getting us to feed and pamper them on demand.

Kitty Manipulation Tactics

Cats have actually had us wrapped around their paws for quite some time. In fact, Fluffy may have started meowing just so she could boss us around. Adult cats rarely ‘speak’ to one another: they mostly communicate with body language and facial expressions. (Apparently, our feline buddies realized long ago that we are basically suckers for their cute faces and plaintive cries.) Kitties also manipulate us by stealing our chairs, rubbing against our legs when we cook, and sometimes, simply by meowing for food. Then there’s the purr. The fact that kitties vibrate when we hug or pet them is pretty adorable! Then again, this could just be one more way that cats control us.

Fluffy’s Plot

What do you think Fluffy’s master scheme is? Well, our feline overlords would probably demand that every yard contain fresh catnip, stocked fishponds, trees, and catwalks. You may also be required to put out a certain number of pet beds and empty boxes, and you may need to spend a set amount of time petting your kitty and playing with her. You probably would not be allowed to get up when your cat is sleeping on your lap, and you may be forbidden from moving her off your computer. As for Fido? He may find himself banished to the doghouse, and his bed taken over. Aside from that, things may not change very much. After all, cats would probably spend more time sleeping than actually running things.

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