7 Adorable Moments Every Cat Owner Experiences

Our feline friends are all certainly very unique. While each kitty has their own charming quirks, these lovable furballs do share many common characteristics, habits, and opinions. Below, a Lakeville, MN vet lists some moments all cat owners experience.

Furred Clothes

Your pet’s pretty fur is definitely one of her charms. That soft, pretty fur looks much better on Fluffy than it does on you, however. Getting cat fur on your clothes is just par for the course for people with kitties!

Helping Paws

Cats can be very considerate! Your feline friend may try to lend a helping paw by assisting with household chores. Kitties are particularly helpful with wrapping gifts, keeping laundry warm, changing bedsheets, and packing or unpacking boxes and suitcases.

Trapped By The Furball

If you have a cuddly cat, you know how relaxing it can be to settle into your favorite spot with Fluffy purring on your lap. Sooner or later, you’ll have to get up, but will hesitate because your kitty looks so comfortable.

Unexplained Zoomies

Kitties may be fairly sleepy, but every now and then your feline buddy may experience a sudden burst of energy. Your pet may be relaxing one moment, and then suddenly get up and race to the other end of the house for no apparent reason. This hilarious habit is just one of the ways Fluffy keeps us smiling.

Comfort Zone

Cats are always looking for new spots to catch some Z’s in. At some point, all cat owners will find their pets snoozing in an unexpected area, such as inside a box or on top of a bookshelf.


Have you ever tried to read a magazine, only to have Fluffy plop down right on top of the page? Cats also tend to interrupt us when we are on our phones or computers. Perhaps this is your furry pal’s way of trying to tell you that your time would be better spent petting her.


Our feline friends can be absolutely adorable, even—or especially—when they’re sleeping. If you’ve ever looked at your kitty while she’s napping and been completely charmed by how cute she looks, well, you’ve experienced the magic of having a cat.

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