6 Things That Annoy Your Cat

If you have a kitty, you may have noticed that your feline friend has some very specific tastes. Just like people, cats all have their own unique preferences. While every cat is unique, kitties do share quite a few pet peeves! In this article, a Lakeville, MN vet lists five things that Fluffy hates.

Being Rubbed The Wrong Way… Literally

Many kitties love being petted, but our feline friends can be quite particular about just how they like to get attention. Some like ear scratches, other prefer belly rubs, and some may enjoy having their chins stroked. Kitties do share one common dislike, however: most of them absolutely hate getting their fur rubbed the wrong way.


No one is entirely sure why so many cats hate water. Our feline friends may have learned long ago that fast-moving currents can be very dangerous for them. Another possibility is that wet cat fur gives off a distinct smell, which could attract predators. Maybe Kitty just knows she doesn’t look their best when her fur is wet. Whatever the reason, water is definitely not one of Fluffy’s favorite things!

Loud Noises

If tools, company, music, or other things are raising the noise levels in your home, don’t be surprised if Fluffy runs for cover. Many cats bolt for the nearest hiding spot at the slightest disturbance! If you can’t find your kitty after things quiet down, check under the bed: there’s a good chance you’ll see two feline eyes staring back at you.

Dirty Bathrooms

Cats definitely prefer clean litterboxes, and who can blame them? No one likes a dirty bathroom! Be sure to keep your furry friend’s lavatory clean!

Other Cats

While our feline friends can and do learn to get along, kitties can be very territorial, and are often less than thrilled to find another cat in their domain. Fluffy may be a sweet, lovable cuddlebug, but don’t be surprised if she morphs into a furry ball of rage at the mere sight of another cat.

Car Rides

Fluffy definitely doesn’t share Fido’s enthusiasm for car rides. Many cats cry nonstop during car trips, which can be almost as nerve-wracking for the driver as it is for the kitty!

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