5 Tips for Great Cat Care

Have you recently adopted a kitty? Cats make wonderful pets. Your new furry friend is certain to put lots of smiles on your face with her adorable antics and cute mannerisms. Kitties are generally easy to care for, which is one reason they are such popular pets. A Lakeville, MN vet lists five tips for great cat care below.

Keep Fluffy Indoors

Cats are much safer indoors. Kitties that go outside are in danger from predators, cars, other cats, toxic plants, and chemicals. They are also at much greater risk of picking up parasites or getting hurt or lost. Fluffy may need a bit of convincing to stay indoors, so sweeten the deal by offering comfy kitty furniture and plenty of toys.

Choose Quality Food

A high-quality diet is crucial to Fluffy’s health and well-being. Feed your furry pal the best pet food you can afford. Be careful not to overfeed your kitty, however, as you could end up with a chubby furball. Obesity is very bad for your cat’s health! Ask your vet for specific recommendations, including portion sizes.

Keep Up With Veterinary Care

Bring Fluffy to the vet for regular exams, so your vet can monitor her health and watch for any signs of developing health problems. Your furball will also need spay or neuter surgery. We also strongly recommend microchipping your kitty. In between visits, keep up with your cat’s parasite control, and watch for any signs of illness or injury. If you ever notice anything amiss, or if your cat just doesn’t seem like herself, contact your vet right away.

Offer Stimulation

Keep your feline buddy entertained by providing lots of fun toys, and engaging her in regular play sessions. Kitties love to look out windows, so provide your furball with a window seat that offers an interesting view. You get extra purrs for providing live entertainment by putting a bird feeder in your yard.

Spoil Your Cat

Well, we’ve covered the basics, so now it’s on to extras! Indulge your furball when she wants you to be kitty furniture, and take time to pet her, play with her, and talk to her. Hint: cat towers are also very popular among our feline overlords.

Do you have questions about your feline friend’s health or care? Contact us, your local Lakeville, MN animal hospital, anytime. We are always happy to help!