Sending Fido Back to School

It’s that time of year: summer is winding down, and the kids are going back to school. If your canine buddy doesn’t know basic obedience, Fido may not be finished his education yet, either. Read on as a Lakeville, MN vet discusses taking Fido back to school.

Why Training Matters

Training isn’t just about good petiquette: it’s also crucial for safety reasons. For instance, proper training can help you stop Fido from running off, approaching a dangerous animal or area, or hauling you along behind him on walks.

Professional Help

Does Fido have a bad habit, such as jumping on people? Is your canine friend an adorable, furry bundle of chaos? A good trainer or behavioral counselor can help address and correct behavioral issues, and can provide valuable insight and advice on how to address poor doggy manners at home. While taking Fido to a professional may cost time and money now, having a well-behaved pet will be well worth it in the long run.

Doggy Day Care

Doggy day care is becoming very popular, and with good reason. Fido can benefit quite a bit from going to puppygarten or doggy day care. For one thing, your dog will get lots of exercise and playtime, so that when you get home, he’ll be calm and content, and ready to relax with you. Puppies can also benefit from the extra socialization puppygarten offers. Many facilities also offer training. Just be sure to choose a responsible, well-respected school. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Home Training

It may seem daunting to try and train your pup, but consistency, patience, and repetition can make a world of difference. Start with basic commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down, and teach your furry buddy one at a time. You’ll want to work with Fido for about 20 minutes a day, in a quiet location. While there are many different tactics for training dogs, we recommend avoiding those that are based on negative reinforcement. Instead, focus on your rewarding your pooch for doing well. (Note: by ‘reward,’ we mean give Fido yummy snacks. Nothing gets a pup’s attention like food! Just be sure to choose healthy treats.)

Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Lakeville, MN animal clinic, anytime. We are happy to provide your pet with excellent veterinary care.