Fido’s Cutest Hidden Talents

Does your dog have special skills? Maybe Fido can dance on command, or sing when told. Actually, our canine buddies have many wonderful talents, and some of them are absolutely adorable. Read on as a Lakeville, MN vet discusses Fido’s cutest hidden talents.

Furring Your Furniture

Did you know that shedding is actually a skill? Somehow, Fido always seems to know what piece of furniture or clothes needs a little dog hair!

Food Wrapper Ninja

Isn’t it interesting how the sound of a food wrapper can wake your canine friend from a dead sleep? Fido may be completely zonked out one minute, and be wide awake the next.


This skill is closely tied to Fido’s food wrapper expertise. Doesn’t it seem as though your furry pal magically teleports himself into the kitchen as soon as he hears the refrigerator door open?


On the other end of the spectrum, dogs also have an uncanny ability to make themselves scarce. This usually happens when they hear the word Bath. However, some of our canine patients have been known to bolt when they hear the word Vet. (We don’t take this personally: we know that Fido doesn’t really understand how important and beneficial proper veterinary care is.)


Fido has an amazing talent for getting us to share our food. Many people have a hard time resisting their pets’ adorable furry faces and big sad eyes. The occasional treat is fine, but don’t spoil your pooch with fatty snacks. This is one reason so many of our four-legged patients are obese!


Man’s Best Friend has a lovable, goofy character that we often can’t help but giggle at. Whether your pooch is smiling, playing, rolling around on the floor, doing that adorable happy dance dogs do, or letting the cat kick him out of his own bed, Fido has a knack for making us smile and laugh.

Comfort On Demand

Our canine companions have a way of knowing when we are down. If you are feeling blue, Fido may stick closer to you than usual. He may also put a paw on your leg, lean against you, or just offer extra snuggles and doggy kisses. Dogs’ ability to soothe their human pals, and their capacity for offering unconditional friendship, are truly priceless gifts.

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