Preparing for a New Puppy

Are you going to be bringing a puppy into your home soon? Congratulations! We know your bouncing baby ball of fur will bring you lots of love and laughter, and will become an important part of your household. Puppies are nothing if not adorable, so it’s a shame that dogs go through this cute stage so quickly. While Fido is still a baby, however, you’ll need to take some extra precautions to keep the little one safe. In this article, your Lakeville vet offers some tips on preparing for a new puppy.

Secure Trash Cans

Puppies love exploring, and sometimes they try to learn about things by tasting and eating them. Make sure to keep your trashcan lids tightly closed, so little Fido can’t get into the garbage.

Electrical Cords

While Fido is teething, he may try to chew on anything and everything within range. Your little one could be seriously injured if he chews on an electrical cord! Make sure to keep your wires secured, so that he can’t reach them. Exposed wires can be encased in plastic coating, or treated with a taste repellent.


A pile of laundry might not look particularly tempting to an adult dog, but a curious puppy could easily choke on a sock or nylon. Use a hamper with a tight lid to hold laundry.

Common Household Items

Fishing gear, craft kits, school supplies, and sewing kits all present choking hazards, and are all very dangerous to your little furbaby. Chemicals, medicines, cleaning agents, and automotive products are also very hazardous for puppies! Keep all small items and chemicals securely out of little Fido’s reach.


Many popular foods are toxic to our canine friends. Chocolate, avocado, grapes, garlic, and onions are just a few of the foods that are dangerous for dogs. Make sure to keep all snacks and sweets in containers or cupboards, and don’t leave leftovers within Fido’s reach.


If you have a pool, make sure to keep Fido away from it. When he’s older, teach him to swim, and make sure he knows where the stairs are in case he ever falls into the water.

We want to congratulate you on your new furkid! Please contact us for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. As your local Lakeville veterinary clinic, we offer a full range of services performed by a top-notch staff.