Wellness & Vaccinations

Are you doing everything you can to prolong your pet’s life?

At Burnsville Parkway Animal Hospital, we want to be there for you whenever your pet isn’t feeling well. More importantly, we’d like to work with you to help prevent illness from occurring in the first place. The most effective way to accomplish this goal is through routine wellness care and preventative medicine.

Protecting Your Pet

One of the most important components of wellness care is the chance it provides to protect your pet against certain health risks. Through regular exams, customized vaccinations, parasite control and more, we’ll do our best to stay one step ahead of common diseases that can affect pets. Not only will this keep your pet healthy and fit for the short-term, but it can also add years to his or her life. Better still, the quality of that extra time will also be improved.

Early Detection

For illnesses that cannot be prevented, wellness visits provide the opportunity for early detection. Because we will be examining your pet on a regular basis, we will be better equipped to identify potential health problems early. The sooner we diagnose these issues, the quicker and more effective our treatment plan will be. This can vastly improve the chances of a favorable outcome. It can also save you money in the long run.

Wellness exams are recommended once a year. These regular appointments will also give you a chance to discuss any of your concerns about your pet with the doctor. All of our wellness exams are scheduled for 30 minutes to make sure we have enough time to answer all of your questions. Remember – you are an important part of the team. We want to work with you, not just for you, toward the shared goal of improving and extending your loved one’s life.

Puppy/Kitten Wellness

Puppy and kitten visits are vital to get your pet off to a healthy start. Puppies and kittens need to have a series of exams with vaccinations to help boost their immune systems. It’s also important to start parasite prevention at an early age. At each puppy and kitten visit we’ll share information on how to keep your pet happy, healthy and fit.

Senior Wellness

As pets age, changes in their health can happen at a faster rate, so it’s important to stay on top of their wellbeing. The earlier we detect medical conditions the better we can address them, improving the chances of a longer, healthier life. Thorough checkups, including blood work, are recommended once a year for senior pets.

Give your pet the gift of a life filled with health and happiness. Schedule a wellness visit today!