veterinary care

Responsible Pet Owners Month

Did you know that February is Responsible Pet Owners Month? This is a great time for us to look at some crucial aspects of your beloved pet’s care regimen. Here, a Lakeville, MN vet discusses some key points of responsible pet ownership. Veterinary Care Proper veterinary care is one of the most important aspects of…

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Doggy Dental Care Tips

Did you know that your dog can develop many of the same types of dental problems as people can? Man’s Best Friend can be afflicted by gum disease; abscesses; and broken, infected, or misaligned teeth. These issues can be very painful for your canine pal, and can have a serious effect on his overall health!…

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5 Tips for Great Cat Care

Have you recently adopted a kitty? Cats make wonderful pets. Your new furry friend is certain to put lots of smiles on your face with her adorable antics and cute mannerisms. Kitties are generally easy to care for, which is one reason they are such popular pets. A Lakeville, MN vet lists five tips for…

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