dog grooming

Getting Your Dog Ready for Winter

Autumn is officially upon us! The leaves are changing, and the stores are filling with pumpkin-flavored everything. If you have a canine buddy, this is a great time to enjoy some long, relaxing strolls with your furry best friend, and take in the foliage and beautiful weather. However, Fido will need a bit of extra…

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Winter Care for Dogs

Love it or hate it, winter’s official start date is just a few weeks off. Our canine friends often enjoy romping around in the snow. However, your furry buddy may need some extra care in cold weather. Here, a Lakeville, MN vet discusses caring for Fido in winter. Paw Care Snow, salt, ice, sand, and…

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Helping Your Dog Age Gracefully

As your dog ages, you’ll start to see some changes in his appearance and behavior. Fido’s fur may turn grey in places, and he won’t be as energetic and playful as he once was. Proper veterinary care is of course crucial to your canine pal’s health and well-being, but home care is also very important….

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