brushing your cat

Reasons to Brush Your Cat Regularly

Kitties have many wonderful qualities. One of the best things about these little furballs is the fact that they are so clean. Your furry little diva will groom herself daily. In fact, Fluffy will diligently fit her daily beauty ritual into her routine, along with her 25 daily naps, five meals, pounce goals, and cuddle…

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How to Help Your Cat Beat the Heat

Summer is coming, and so is the hot weather. Although Minnesota isn’t as hot as other states, we do get our share of heat waves, like the one that buckled Highway 36 in 2016. These temperature spikes can be very dangerous to kitties! Here, a local Lakeville, MN vet offers tips on keeping Fluffy cool…

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Provide Your Senior Cat With Well-Rounded Care

Your nine-year-old cat Princess is quite the little diva. This striking tortoiseshell queen is accustomed to the finest food, a custom bed, and a handcrafted rhinestone collar. Your feline charmer has wrapped your family around her little paws, smoothing around their legs to get what she wants. Your little instigator is still in good health,…

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