Veterinary House Calls

Have you ever wished your doctor would do housecalls? While house calls for people are now quite rare, they are actually becoming quite popular for pets. In fact, there are many benefits to having your vet come to your home. Here, a local Lakeville, MN vet discusses some of the situations where housecalls may be beneficial.

Big Dogs

Is your canine buddy larger than life? It isn’t always easy to get big dogs from one place to another, especially once they start aging. You may find housecalls easier for both you and Fido!

Geriatric Pets

Just like elderly people, senior and geriatric pets can become quite feeble. Rather than try to get a stiff and sore senior kitty into her carrier, you may find you prefer to just let Fluffy continue with her regular naps, and have her examined at home.

Multiple Furballs

If you have more than one pet, you may find it a bit challenging to get all of your furry buddies to the vet’s at once. The other option, of separate appointments, can be time consuming. Veterinary housecalls allow your vet to examine all of your furkids on the same day.


Another benefit of housecalls is that they offer you and your vet one-on-one time, without distractions. Your vet may also be able to gain valuable insight by observing your pet at home. This can lead to very helpful discussions and feedback.

End of Life

It can be very, very hard to let go of a beloved pet. However, when it’s time to say goodbye, you may find it very comforting to have your vet come to your home. This is also easier on our furry friends, as it offers them a comfortable and dignified farewell, in their own environment.

Other Circumstances

These are just a few situations where veterinary housecalls may be beneficial. They are also a great option for parents who work and/or stay at home; senior citizens; and people with transportation or medical issues.


While housecalls can be wonderful, they aren’t necessarily right for every pet. Your furry pal will still need to come into the office for certain appointments and procedures. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s care? Are you wondering if a housecall would be right for your pet? Contact us, your local Lakeville, MN animal clinic, today!