Tips for Budget-Friendly Pet Care

Are you trying to nail down a budget and stick to it? Whether you’re trying to save money, or just want to be more organized financially, budgeting is a great way to keep your finances running smoothly. In order to properly budget your money, you’ll need to figure your furbabies into your household expenses. There are some ways to save money on pet care without compromising the health and well-being of your furry pal. In this article, a local Lakeville, MN veterinarian offers some great advice on budgeting your pet care costs.

DIY Pet Toys

Our furry friends can go through plenty of toys! One way to save money on your pet care costs is to go the DIY route and make your furry pal’s playthings. There are many great options for this. For instance, you can make Fluffy her own catnip toys by sewing home-grown catnip into a baby sock. An old tee shirt can be upcycled into a great rope toy for your canine pal. Look online for more great ideas.


Bartering is regaining popularity as a fun and personalized way to do business. To save money on boarding costs, considering bartering with a reliable, animal-loving friend or family member for pet-sitting services. You can exchange anything from housecleaning to yardwork to babysitting services.

Consider Pet Plans

Pet insurance and wellness plans can actually save quite a bit of money. If your pet should ever become injured, insurance can make a huge difference! Plus, paying a flat fee makes it easier for you to figure veterinary costs into your budget. Plan costs, structures, and benefits vary, so shop around to find a plan that suits your needs.

Buy In Bulk

Buying your furball’s supplies in bulk can also help you save money. Choose the largest sizes available for litter and kibble. Just be sure to store your furry pal’s food properly, so it doesn’t spoil. Check discount clubs and big box stores for great deals!


While couponing does require some effort, the savings can really add up. Many newspapers still include coupons in Sunday editions. You can often find additional savings online, or through shopper’s discount programs.

Is your furry pal due for shots or a checkup? Please feel free to contact us, your Lakeville, MN vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!