Does Your Dog Display Separation Anxiety Symptoms?

Your sociable retriever mix Dakota has everybody fooled. He’s the happiest pooch in town, eagerly greeting canine and human buddies at the dog park and farmer’s market. During frequent neighborhood walks, he makes multiple stops to meet his adoring fans. You’ve never seen a more well-adjusted dog. When he’s home alone, however, your four-year-old canine housemate exhibits a darker side, viewed by your home security cam. Based on his antics, you think Dakota suffers from separation anxiety. Tomorrow, your Burnsville veterinarian will give your tormented dog a physical exam and helpful behavioral counseling.

Barking Bonanza

Before your car departed the driveway, Dakota lubricated his vocal cords and launched into thunderous barking. He continued for several hours, throwing in some sinister-sounding growling and strange howling for variety. Although he occasionally stopped for water breaks, your goal-directed pooch minimized the disruptions.

Home Demolition

Next, your industrious dog focused on your living room set, turning the upholstered couch and matching loveseat into colorful fabric and stuffing. To avoid slighting your antique dining room set, he busily gnawed the finish off the table and chair legs.

After that, your busy dog turned to the hallway baseboards, reducing them to white-painted wooden slivers. You’re distressed about the items’ destruction and replacement cost. However, you’re most worried that your non-sensical dog will chew on something truly dangerous.

Foul-Smelling Obsession

Dakota has never been interested in his feces. On potty walks, he spends his time sniffing the trees to pick up other dogs’ distinctive scents. He rarely takes more than a minute to make his deposit, and immediately heads off to explore the next fascinating smell.

When he’s home alone, though, he seems obsessed with his droppings. He happily leaves huge piles in hard-to-reach corners. However, you’ve never had to clean up the evidence, since your considerate pooch consumes it.

Canine Escape Expert

You thought Dakota’s sturdy plastic kennel would provide a comforting refuge. You stocked it with his favorite blanket, plus several tempting toys and treats. However, your dog immediately began gnawing on the container’s side, creating a large hole that he easily slipped through. Fortunately, you returned home before he escaped the spare bedroom.

If your Burnsville veterinarian confirms that Dakota has separation anxiety, he’ll design a treatment plan that addresses this disturbing ailment. If your dog displays similar symptoms, contact us for expert advice.