Provide Your Senior Cat With Well-Rounded Care

Your nine-year-old cat Princess is quite the little diva. This striking tortoiseshell queen is accustomed to the finest food, a custom bed, and a handcrafted rhinestone collar. Your feline charmer has wrapped your family around her little paws, smoothing around their legs to get what she wants. Your little instigator is still in good health, although she’s susceptible to age-related medical conditions. Fortunately, your Lakeville vet has provided Princess with regular checkups and a targeted senior cat health program.

Tailored Senior Cat Diet

Princess picked up some abdominal poundage after she joined the feline senior set. However, your sister’s older cat actually dropped weight when he became grayer around the whiskers. Your vet wants your chubby girl to slim down, as that reduces her risk of some medical problems. After pinpointing your feline companion’s nutritional needs and regular activities, the vet will prescribe a plan that can achieve good results.

Monitor your cat’s weight daily with a scale that shows even tiny fluctuations. If the number goes down, she might be developing a medical condition. Get her to the vet quickly.

Blissful Brushing Sessions

Your appearance-focused cat loves her daily grooming sessions. Each morning, she settles into your lap for a half-hour of pleasurable brushing and ear scratching. While you stroke her fur, you collect loose hair that might otherwise form hairballs. Brushing improves her circulation and stimulates her skin. Together, these benefits promote good coat health. If your prim-and-proper feline has donated her scratching post, carefully trim her nails.

Mini-Physical Checkup

While your contented cat soaks up the attention, she doesn’t realize you’re giving her a secret mini-physical exam. You run your hands over her coat and skin, feeling for anything unusual. If you find something strange, alert your vet immediately.

Low-Stress Lifestyle

Sweet little Princess isn’t interested in becoming a high-strung cat in her golden years. She insists on a minimum-stress lifestyle, and she wants extra attention when you must disrupt her routine. Before a vacation or business trip, ask a familiar friend, neighbor, or relative to spoil your cat in their home. Don’t bring in any more pets while your haughty feline rules your household.

Your Lakeville vet will provide Princess with regular checkups, preferably twice yearly. He’ll also resolve developing medical conditions. To give your senior cat a tailored health plan, contact us for expert assistance.