New Year’s Resolutions for Kitties

Happy New Year! If you have a kitty, your feline buddy will likely be right there with you as you start out a brand new year and possibly set some new resolutions for yourself. It’s always great to grow and reach for new achievements! Our feline friends may not seem very motivated to make any major changes, but that doesn’t mean that your kitty doesn’t have goals. If Fluffy set resolutions, what would she choose to strive for? A Lakeville, MN vet suggests a few possibilities below.

Learn Yoga

Kitties are masters of stretching and contorting themselves into positions often associated with pretzels. Fluffy may very well strive to twist herself into an entirely new configuration worthy of a master yoga guru!

Get Plenty Of Rest

Your furry little sleepyhead may spend as much as 20 hours a day napping. Cats actually sleep more than almost any other animal on the planet! Fluffy may very well strive to beat her own personal napping record. Help her out by offering lots of soft beds.

Gain Complete Control Of Your Humans

Do you find yourself catering to your furry little overlord’s every whim? Perhaps you suffer through leg cramps when Fluffy is sleeping on your lap, because she’s just too cute to disturb. Or maybe you find yourself banished to the corner of the bed while your furball sprawls out in the middle. Kitties certainly have a way of wrapping us around those adorable paws of theirs!

Enjoy Life

Fluffy’s perfect day would probably include sleeping, birdwatching, eating, being cuddled, sleeping a bit more, and playing. We know, that’s pretty much what most housecats do every day. Why change something that isn’t broken? Life is good!

Let Your Humans Sleep

Does your kitty sometimes wake you up by wanting to play in the middle of the night? Play is great for kitties! Watching your furball chase a toy mouse or the dot from a laser pointer can also be great fun for you, though it’s probably much more amusing during the day. To help Fluffy achieve this goal, indulge her with vigorous evening play sessions, and then give her a late dinner. Instant sleepy cat!

All of us here at your Lakeville, MN veterinary hospital want to wish you a wonderful new year! We look forward to serving your pet’s veterinary care needs in 2016 and beyond.