Controlling Your Cat’s Scratching

Scratching is one of the most common complaints cat owners have about their feline pals. Kitty’s scratching can definitely take a toll on your furniture and carpet! You may not be able to stop your furball from scratching entirely, but you can encourage proper scratching habits. Your Lakeville veterinarian discusses Fluffy’s scratching habit in this article.

Why Cats Scratch

Cats in the wild depend on their claws for food and defense. They also help Kitty climb to shelter or safety. Since those sharp little nails were so important to her survival, Fluffy learned long ago to take care of her claws. In the wild, trees present perfect scratching posts. Now that Kitty lives indoors, she will go for the next best thing, which unfortunately may be your sofa.

Scratching Options

First and foremost, you need to provide appropriate scratching options. Scratching posts and kitty towers are your best bets. When buying furniture for your feline buddy, make sure it is sturdy enough not to topple over on her.

Discourage Improper Scratching

Never punish your cat for scratching. Kitty’s scratching habit can be tough on furniture and carpet, but she doesn’t mean to be destructive. She’s just obeying her natural instincts. If you punish your cat, she won’t understand what she did wrong, and she may become scared and anxious. Instead, when your furball starts scratching, pick her up and put her on her tower or scratching post, and encourage her to scratch that. You can also put two-sided clear tape on the corners of furniture and walls. It won’t show, but Fluffy will hate the texture.


If all else fails, you can clip your cat’s nails. This is painless and temporary. Fluffy’s claws will grow back, but until they do, she won’t be able to damage your furniture or belongings. When clipping your kitty’s claws, be careful not to cut too close, as this could hurt your cat. If you’re uneasy with giving your feline friend a manicure, make a quick appointment with your vet or groomer.

Do you have any questions about your cat’s health, care, or behavior? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if there is any way we can be of assistance. We are always here to serve all of your pet care needs.

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